1st Annual Zozo Championship Thread - Cat!

Coverage starts in an hour, and Cat, who started bogey-bogey-bogey, is flirting with DFL! Get excited!!!

Edit: I’m being told Cat may be back.

Double Edit: This aged really well


I can’t wait to watch 3 hours of Tiger playing like crap and little of the actual leaders of the tournament!

Don’t forget about the Chase for 82!


At least he got that skins money which in no way was any relation to tee up money…

3 straight :bird:

World Series, hockey, NBA, and now golf coming on in 15 minutes. I guess I’ll just accept that I will feel miserable tomorrow morning


Or he could birdie 4 out of the last 5 on his first 9 and be T6 with 9 more to play.

That’s why they show Tiger Woods.


Not to go light up the coverage takes… but have they mentioned the double greens on each hole yet? Almost a half hour in.

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Boom! 1 shot back.

Big Cat! Don’t change that dial!

I’ve been watching on mute - is this a “they have been talking too much” or “not enough” comment?

Apparently courses in Japan do separate summer and winter greens, that’s just, their thing. (Figure for maintenance it probably is a great idea.)

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Ultimate power move by Tiger to spot the field 3 shots to start the year.


Omg cat

Not enough - I’ve caught a couple of casual mentions and a surface level explanation of it.

Was reading about it earlier today and - if I have this right - it’s a pretty ingenious idea since hybrid grasses didn’t exist they had a cold weather green and a warm weather green. Now they’re all the same surface.

Would’ve been nice to see an in depth example of how a guy might play a given par 4 or 5 differently depending on which green was being used on a given day.

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SOOO happy to be wrong. #ChaseFor82

Birdies galore for TW.

If he doesn’t do this, the talking heads are probably giving him grief for beating up on an Asia event. Now he can say he was just in for the ride.

Yep, I only knew that because they mentioned it during the skins game pretty early. I was also pretty taken aback tbh

Gotta be that Urbalactiv.

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No kidding - pretty jarring to see but it’s a cool idea. One step further than the double flag greens at a place like Sweetens. Would be cool to see a 9 hole course built w 2 different greens to change the feel of a hole. I suppose you could also change the par on a hole if you have a green deeper than another and go from a long 4 to a shorter 5. Seems most of these greens are mostly side by side to change the angle of the approach shot.

Hahahah…and another!