14 at Pebble: Hardest Par 5 in the world?


Watching the AT&T, and as players have gotten to 14 I can’t help but think back to around the time of the 2010 US Open when that hole was just brutal to get through. Since they revamped the putting surface a few years ago, it’s not as hard now, but still one of the few Par 5’s I can think of where guys on Tour are satisfied walking out with par.

If not the 14th at Pebble Beach, what’s the hardest Par 5 in the world?


12 at Oakmont seemed like it was a pit stop in Dante’s Inferno during the 2016 US Open. I’d like to see it played under normal/non-USGA level conditions to see if it still has teeth.
I also somewhat remember 6 at Loch Lomond being an absolute beast but I’ll leave all Euro rankings to @The_Cad_Says.