14 at Pebble: Hardest Par 5 in the world?


Watching the AT&T, and as players have gotten to 14 I can’t help but think back to around the time of the 2010 US Open when that hole was just brutal to get through. Since they revamped the putting surface a few years ago, it’s not as hard now, but still one of the few Par 5’s I can think of where guys on Tour are satisfied walking out with par.

If not the 14th at Pebble Beach, what’s the hardest Par 5 in the world?


12 at Oakmont seemed like it was a pit stop in Dante’s Inferno during the 2016 US Open. I’d like to see it played under normal/non-USGA level conditions to see if it still has teeth.
I also somewhat remember 6 at Loch Lomond being an absolute beast but I’ll leave all Euro rankings to @The_Cad_Says.


17th at Wentworth it pretty brutal, especially if you can’t hit a draw. With the re-modelling it’s almost impossilbe to run the ball on. Unless your Angel Cabrera - 2i 2i.


8th at Crystal Downs
17th at Muirfield, especially when the wind is blowing
8th at Formby in the wind
14 at Sand Hills
15 at Pine Valley
17 at Baltusrol if you get in the trees
9th at Muirfield is OB left the entire way
5 at Muirfield Village you need 3 really solid shots to reach the green
The 3rd at Shoal Creek, especially with the new green
16 at Olympic if you don’t hit a good drive.

Seems like the key to all of these is hitting a good drive.

The OP might be correct. 14 pebble is toughest from 150 in, especially considering there’s no water or OB. It’s a really really good hole on what could have been a tough part of the routing