10-15 Footers: The Ultimate Rub of the Green

I am new to the Refuge and was scouring over the “Ranger Rick” section and couldn’t find anything that I felt was specific enough to my situation so I am starting a new Topic. I want to pick your guy’s brains about drills/tips to make more 10-15 footers.
Throughout the course of my round I will on average have 5-8 putts at this distance for birdie and make almost none of them. Normally, I would chalk to up to bad putting but once I get inside of 8 feet, my percentage of makes goes up substantially. There has been about a 2 season pattern now of me not being able to make slightly longer putts. The irony of it is I feel I am just as likely to make a putt from 20-30 then I am from 10-15 as inprobable as that sounds. Here are 3 Things I think as to why I battle/have this problem.

1.) I do not play the same course very often, so usually I will misread a putt and not have the local knowledge to jar more of these shots.
2.) 10-15 Footers are statistically hard to make, so the odds really aren’t in my favor to make as many of these as say, an 8 footer.
3.) 10 Feet seems to be the threshold for where my brain switches from making the putt to trying to lag the putt and leave a comfy par coming back.

So I am open to any suggestions or resources that you guys can point me to. Above all else, I know the easy answer is to practice but at times, my practice sessions feel fruitless and I feel as if I have hit a wall in my ability to improve this part of my game. Looking forward to reading what you guys have for me.

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If you make 1 15 footer a round you are average pretty much


Here’s a pretty active thread on putting tips. You’ll probably get better traction over there.

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I hate that I missed this one! I was scrolling through and just seeing generic putting ones. Thank you sir!

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Try to hit them in the hole.

Works for me!

(But seriously, the other topic… yeah.)

Are you Collin Morikawa?

Yeah the other topic really helped and the whole irony of posting this is later after I posted it, Golf.com tweeted out a drill that I modified a bit and I am excited to see how it impacts my game. I have high hopes for sure!

Again. Thanks for pointing me in this direction. Between this topic you sent along and a drill I saw on Golf.com I was rolling 10-20 footers with way more confidence yesterday. Not my best round or even best putting performance but the confidence was there and the rolls were way more pure. Thanks again :v: